Common photo editing mistakes to avoid

No matter how experienced a company indulged in image editing is, there are some common photo editing mistakes that involuntarily intrude. The underlying mistakes should be avoided by all possible means.

Avoid photo editing mistakes

Never skip the basics

Making some quick adjustments like altering exposures and alignment or doing a certain level of cropping with the help of photoshop photo retouching tools can benefit most of the images. These are the fundamental things that you must not overlook.

Don’t overdo things

People know your tone and how you look. The same applies in case of subjects in the photos. So, never do extensive editing to make the image look artificial or like a painting. The most crucial parts to take care of are the teeth and skin. Don’t overuse Wrinkle Remover and Airbrush. You may whiten the teeth but don’t go to such an extent that they look like plastic or glass. Sometimes fixing the dull colors and make them obtain a perfect balance is one of the image enhancement techniques.

Consider cropping carefully

Simply cropping may not be that helpful and this is never one of the photo editing best practices. Analyse the photos carefully and decide the right parts to crop out. The results can be great and beyond your level of expectations. Cropping is the basic thing but doing it wrong can ruin the whole effort.

Add shadows rightly

Some shadows are spooky and nobody, in fact, entertains that. It is a fact that adding shadows give a feel of originality in the image. But adding too much of it make the image unpleasing and look fake. Slightly less but decently enough is the best way to edit photos.

Resize as per need

Before starting to work most of the image editing companies inquires about the exact requirement of an image. When the dimensions of an image are large, downloading takes more time and website loading speed increases. So, it should be optimized accordingly. If the image is for print media, editing should never be done in such a way that the size is reduced.

Do sharpening warily

Photos can be elevated to a higher quality if sharpening is done in an optimal manner. It is never a focus tool and the actual purpose is line defining. It can get you better results if you use sharpening option at last and when the zoom is set at 100%.

Play wisely with fonts

Fonts can enhance or damage your images. Too many fonts can bring an unpleasant feel. Make sure that you use a maximum of two or three fonts. Adding different weights, sizes and colors can help you bestow the needed diversity. Also the text color should not hurt the eyes; stay away from using bright colors. Also, we recommend using color picker tools to choose the best combination of color for photographs as required.

Don’t use huge watermarks

Huge watermarks are a torture to the viewer and a crime to your photos. If it is going to distract the reader and repel him away, there is no point in adding watermarks. Make the watermark noticeable but not intolerable.

MAP Systems houses a team of creative and competence-brimmed mavens offering apex class of professional photo editing services. Reach us and we will let you know about our prices, packages and special offers.


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Ways furniture photo retouching can strengthen your business

Sophisticated images draw the attention of customers towards your products, when you sell them on your eCommerce stores. In the virtual world, buyers are deprived from examining the products physically. The quality of the image goes a long way, shaping their purchase decision. When you get polished and refined grades of furniture images for your store, it enhances the visual appeal of your products. In the competitive scenario in the virtual business world, it is important to stand apart from the crowd. High-grade pictures deliver a positive impression to the customers regarding the quality of the goods and boosts up the conversion rates. When you sell furniture through your online store, you need to seek image retouching services from the experts.

Here are certain ways in which furniture photo retouching services can strengthen your business


Eliminates distracting elements

The furniture you sell through your eCommerce store should look realistic, polished and attractive. Photo retouching ensures that all the flaws and distracting elements from these images are removed. Well, customers would not like to buy your furniture, if the photos come with stains, poor burnishes or flashy backgrounds. You need to get the images edited in a way that will remove these distracting elements from it. Besides, it is important to channelize the attention of the customers towards the furniture, rather than other elements and the background. Removing distracting elements is thus crucial.

Sticking to the requirements of individual eCommerce platforms

Each eCommerce platform presents the pictures in a unique way. As a marketer, you too, would like to inculcate your individuality while presenting the furniture images. The requirements while uploading these images on these platforms are not the same. The colour of the background, size of the photos, pixel specifications and other aspects need to be taken care of. Through product photography editing, you can enhance the quality of images and incorporate these particulars in the images. If you are willing to sell your furniture on multiple platforms, it is necessary to modify the pictures according to their policies. Most of the ecommerce companies partner with a reliable service provider to avail photo editing services for online stores.

 Supporting the social media strategy

Selling your goods on social media is one of the key departments of your digital marketing strategy. It is necessary to edit the photos of your furniture, making them compatible with each platform. You may require images of different sizes and resolutions for these platforms. From time to time, you may come up with fresh images, or include images of new products. A continuous support from professionals skilled in providing impeccable furniture photo editing services strengthens the social media strategy of your business. Good quality pictures in these social media platforms can lure your customers and strengthen your business.

Establishing customer relationship

Developing trust in your customers is a necessity, when you try to establish an impressive brand. Well, you need to put up genuine images on your store, which resembles the original ones. This enhances the overall shopping experience of your customers. Customers expect to get all your product attributes from the images in your portal. Evidently, a good quality image post product photo editing carries the information flawlessly to your customers. In case the images are stained, or of low resolution, customers may find it difficult to understand its features. Evidently, well-edited photographs can leverage your business.

Presenting your products on your ecommerce store plays a crucial role in strengthening your business. Therefore, it is necessary to get across to a reputed image retouching company, where the professionals can provide you with a steady backing in editing the images. Well, before outsourcing, you may look for photo editing services reviews on various reliable platforms.

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Tips for jewelry photo editing that will help you to expand your online market

Paradigms of marketing are shifting towards the digital platform. And when it comes to selling products online, quality images play a dominant role. This means that images should not be raw and should be edited properly before being used. The importance of photo editing increases manifold when you deal with jewelry. As these are extremely costly, customers don’t instantly buy them. They firstly scrutinize the images to evaluate their features. So, it is quite evident that immensely appealing photo should be used.

Jewelry photo editing and retouching

Jewelry photo editing

Experts working in professional photo editing companies upgrade the looks of photos and increase their attractiveness. It creates the initial first impression and compels the viewers to have a detailed look at the product. Evidently, it strengthens the marketing process of the products. Here, you will come across some vital jewelry photo editing tips for online market that will make the images more attractive.

Incorporate clipping path mechanism to remove background

People love to view clear and neat images of jewelry. You should keep the images as tidy as possible. Eliminate the background of the images through clipping path service for jewelry background removal. The professional editors know the right procedure to enhance the presentation of these images. The background diverts the attention of the viewers to unwanted areas in the image. When you eliminate it completely, the online buyers see only the product that you are willing to sell. Thus, no other element distracts their attention and the product appears more prominently before them.

As per experts offering photo clipping path services, a mask has to be created, which will make the necessary areas appear white and blacken out the other areas. Insert a white fill paper under it and check if all the necessary parts of the jewelry have been selected. Use the ‘Feather’ tool to soften the edges of the selected area. Choose ‘Inverse’ to keep the picture protected and then click on ‘clone to stamp’. This will enable you to cover the background with white or black colour.

Retouch jewelry to eliminate blemishes, dust and spots

Retouching removes the unnecessary spots and blemishes from the photo. Before you upload the picture on your website, make sure that these flaws are eliminated completely without any traces left behind. Unnecessary spots in the images repel away customers which you never want to happen. Photoshop offers various features to get rid of these spots. Experts in the domain know the right jewelry photography retouching techniques using photoshop to eliminate these superfluous marks.

Firstly, you should capture the image in a well-lighted area, where the flash of the camera can be adjusted. During the editing process, professional editors remove the scratches from ornaments. This is done by choosing the ‘Filter’ option in Photoshop and then going to ‘Noise’, and then choosing ‘Dust and Scratches’.

Besides making the photographs attractive, editing will make them shinier when you upload them in your portal.

Use colour correction tools to fix colour defects

Often, images fail to show the colour of the real photos. This weakens the impression about ornaments in the minds of the buyers. You should be able to showcase the intricate details of the metals and gems through proper photography; this is what mavens offering product photo retouching services are specialized in. Colour correction enables you to convey the right visual details of the products to the buyers. It is necessary to adjust the brightness, saturation, hue, contrast and other colour features of the image. Customers will find the product more attractive when you incorporate the desired changes in it. The professional photo editors infuse the jewelry images with the right appeal, which captivates the buyers. Remember, competition in the digital market is on the rise, so you should leverage the potential of images to the maximum possible extent. The experts process the photos in Photoshop Light-Room to create the desired effect. They typically start the jewelry retouching process with colour balance and then adjust other elements like contrast, exposure, brightness and so on. They also sharpen the image to enhance its looks. The fuzzy edges are fixed and the overall appearance of the ornament is refined through editing. The experts also make the desired changes through filters.

Optimize the images

Optimizing the image is necessary to make it compatible with your website. The size of the image matters a lot when you consider the performance of your website. Evidently, you need to lower the image size in certain cases. However, keep an eye on the quality of the image. Small file size does not indicate poor quality image. The experts make the right choice of software which helps to optimize the photo for the website and enhance its performance through proper jewelry photography retouching and editing. Heavy images use more space for storage in the server and when you use lighter images, the website gets better ranks in the search engine results.

These above-mentioned jewelry photo retouching tips will help you to make the images palatable. Hire a professional photo editor acquainted with all jewelry image editing techniques to bolster your images. Well-edited photos can definitely leverage your jewelry business amid all adversities.

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7 Tips to showcase beautiful apparel images in eCommerce websites

The apparel industry is rapidly expanding with the inception of digital marketing. Product images used by ecommerce sites guide the customers to make the right choice of clothes. Quality of product photography as well as product imaging plays a key role in the ecommerce apparel industry. This is the main reason why ecommerce photo retouching for photographers is gaining more and more relevance.

Apparel photography images for ecommerce

Apparel photography images in ecommerce website

Earlier, mannequins were used to display clothes in the traditional market framework. However, now the term ‘ghost mannequin’ is used to indicate the photographic effects used to showcase apparels in ecommerce portals. In reality, it is not a mannequin, but a photographic effect is used to showcase the shape the apparel images. The mannequin is invisible in the image. The two sides of an apparel are photographed and visually stitched together with the help of certain effects, determining the shape of the attire.

An optimized website can deliver you a good rank; similarly, good quality images after product photo retouching drive the ecommerce industry. Ghost mannequins enable the attires to retain their shape. However, producing a picture of an invisible mannequin can be difficult, and lack accuracy; ghost mannequin photo editing is in fact even more complicated. This is a major concern and hence steps are to be taken with utmost care.

Here is a simple guide that will enable you to create ghost mannequins using Photoshop.

Step 1: Create different layers

The mannequin and the top-down image have to be opened in Photoshop. A new background layer is created after the mannequin image is selected. The layer has to be filled in white, which will serve as an inclusive background when the final photo is produced. This will also serve as a label to other layers, so that you can differentiate between them and keep them organized.

Step 2: The dress in the mannequin image has to be selected with the help of a selection tool

While selecting the product in mannequin image, you need to choose a suitable selection tool after zooming in. Pick one among lasso, quick selection and magic wand. Based on your preferred Photoshop editing techniques, you can decide the right one for you.

Now you can choose the concerned product in mannequin photo. Then, Zoom in the same and select your preferred selection tool. While shooting, remember to use a white background. It enables you to get rid of the mannequin easily due to the separation of colour between the background and the apparel.

Step 3: Refine your mask and place it

After the product is selected, the mask has to be refined to make it tight and nice. The background and mannequin are eliminated. Use the ‘Refine Edge’ tool present in the ‘Select’ menu for this purpose. In the ‘Refine Edge’ dialog box, click ‘OK’. Now the mask has to be placed over the apparel layer. The product will be seen on the white background, floating freely.

Step 4: Repeat and rinse the older steps

You need to repeat the first three steps on the top-down product image. At first, it may seem a bit odd. You need to photograph the dress inside out as the customers will be able to see the inside-back area of the dress. It will turn out to be attractive in the end. Now you need to create a new layer, create your mask and refine it. This is what most of the companies offering apparel photo editing services also do.

 Step 5: Combine the images

When tight and clean masks are present in both the images, the mask from the top-down image has to be dragged over to the ghost mannequin product image. The layers are to be organized in a manner which enables the top-down image to be placed lower than the mannequin image. The positioning of the top-down layer has to be attuned. Adjust the proportions in the image so that the mannequin layer is perfectly in front of it and the rounded curve in the shoulder region is visible. The alignment between the two photos should be perfectly matched.

Step 6: Unnecessary parts have to be removed from the top-down image

Here, you need to hide the mannequin layer. The unnecessary parts of the top-down layer are to be brushed out. The neckline triangle is not required between the shoulders. There are few of the very important factors of product photo editing. Having eliminated this area, check whether the layers are completely clean and everything is in alignment. This is the final step before saving the image, therefore double check to detect any flaw, in case you have missed it.

Step 7: Save the image after adding shadows

In the final step, you need to add a shadow amid the layer and incorporate a certain amount of depth. Save the photo, and then merge or flatten all the layers together. Save it as a different file once again. It will make the picture appear realistic, elegant and professional.

You can follow these seven steps to create ghost mannequins. These techniques and editing tips are essential for ecommerce sites. You can add simplicity and beauty to your portal through the same.  If you still feel less confident to carry out the photo manipulation yourself, there is always an option of relying on any of the experts offering exceptional ecommerce image editing services. Get the best people to assure that your expectations are met without fail.

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Professional video editing tips that really works

Anybody using internet regularly comes across different types of videos online and in past three years, the number of videos surfacing in the internet has increased at a swifter pace. Such videos can be tutorials, business profiles, business meetings and tips from experts or anything else.


Video post processing

Companies use videos to get more sales and ensure maximum effectiveness for their advertising campaigns. Uses of various video post-production techniques have increased manifold in the immediate past. Businesses of different sizes and genres are aggressively focusing on film marketing. It is because of the realization that videos are highly powerful advertising tools capable of communicating the right message in the best way to prospects. People are attracted by videos; they find it enthralling.

With every one making use of provisions from any of the best video editing outsourcing India based companies; you can’t simply make a visual, post it online and get benefits. All your efforts should be based on some strategic planning and there should be enough thought process involved. Editing visuals matters a lot to get the desired results. There are certain techniques, tricks and tips that should be at the back of your head for the same. Some of the most popular among them are explained below.

Make use of the best hardware

You must have a fast computer; just having it never ensures perfect quality visuals but without it you can’t actually make one properly. With a computer having good speed, you can stay away from the hassle of waiting endlessly to get the video processed and the focus can be channelized completely to the storyline. Invest in better processors, RAMs and graphic cards.

Select the right software programs

There are many software packages that can get the job done but to get perfect results, you should choose the one with advanced features. You should be comfortable in working with it and the level of proficiency you have in the concerned software should be considered. Experiment with different video editing software before finalizing one.  This is what most video post-production companies do.

Be adept in keyboard shortcuts

Time is crucial and it is always better to finish the process of audiovisual editing at the earliest and post it online. Surveys reveal that professional video editors make use of keyboard more than mouse for gaining pace. Being acquainted with shortcuts helps in speeding up the whole process.

Master the linguistics of video editing

You should be knowledgeable about the terminologies associated with visual editing to grasp tips and techniques from experts and tutorials. You should instantly understand what jump cut, J and L cut, montage, cutting on action and match action or match cut, etc. actually means. This helps you in discussing things in a more constructive manner with clients and others involved in audiovisual editing projects.

Impart best music apt for the video

This is one of the most recommended professional video editing tips. The effectiveness of videos is elevated when you add the right mix of music into it. Music can create a mood in prospects and you can take your idea into their minds in a smoother and more active manner. If you have plans to buy sound tracks, make sure to buy only licensed versions. Sound effects, dialogues and music etc. should be differently leveled so as to make the video dynamic as far as its acoustics are concerned.

Video clips should be organized

It is important to organize all footage and video clips in a systematic manner so as to make the process of editing easier and quicker for the editor. Putting images, audios and videos etc. in separate folders facilitates their easy retrieval and prevents the loss of important clips. You should also name the files correctly for assuring really creative design solutions.

Do needed corrections for colors and keep things simple

You should carry out adequate color correction processes for getting the whole video in same color baseline. Some basic corrections must be done, no matter how the actual foots appears on set. It is easier to work on RAW format footage and this has to be kept in mind.  When you keep things simpler, more professional feel is enjoyed by the films. Make the text good and graphics must be appealing. When you outsource video editing services requirements to professionals, you can be assured of the same.

Export the files in appropriate format

After the whole video is edited, you have to save and export it. You should make sure that factors like frame rate, codec, resolution and bit rate are considered. Also it should be assured that the works well on different social media sites. All platforms including Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube have their specific standard formats. To exploit the maximum scope of social media, it is imperative to consider the same.

Lastly, being a good storyteller is what matters the most as ultimately what matters the most is creating the right impression in targets. The perfection you achieve in editing is futile, if you fail to convey the story in best manner.

You always have the provision to outsource video editing to expert companies; such hubs house not just visual editors but really creative brains that can come up with a great and compelling storyline that would create the impact you always wanted. Take enough care to shake hands with right people offering reasonable video editing pricing for services.

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The eLearning Chronicle: 12 Tips to Create eLearning Storyboards

One of the most important aspects to ensure that the eLearning experience you want to deliver is great is to have an excellent foundation upon which you can carefully build your eLearning deliverables. And, this obviously means having an exceptional storyboard to ensure that you and the reader are able to understand the topic just the way it is intended to. However, creating an exceptionally comprehensible storyboard is not an easy job. There are certain tips to create storyboard which can of great help for you. Following them can definitely lead to an exceptionally great storyboard for improving the quality of learning experience that you want to deliver.

tips to create elearning storyboard

Select template that suits your requirements

If you are wondering how to create a storyboard for eLearning, things are quite easier nowadays. You can find numerous free storyboard templates online but don’t simply select any one randomly. Be sure to choose only the one that best fits your requirements. It is the best place to start for inexperienced ones as it does not need any sort of preparation. It is also helpful to develop some ideas about the flow of the storyboard for people who have a lot of trouble starting.

Create a clear idea about the objectives and goals that you want to achieve

There must be certain objectives behind creating an eLearning course. You have to center the creation of the storyboard on these objectives and goals that you have in your mind. It can help you streamline the entire storyboard to the important stuff and ward off all the things that can hinder you from creating effective eLearning storyboards.

Have a clear picture of the audience you are targeting

It indeed is one of the most important things to consider while creating storyboards for eLearning. You need to know who your audiences are, what is the level of their understanding of the things that you are going to talk about in your eLearning lessons etc. If you do not consider this aspect, then it is pretty sure that you will end up making a storyboard that does not resonate well with the audience, ever.

While creating an eLearning course, it is important to assess the audience and to decide on how and when you are going to conduct the tests and the type of the test you are going to use to assess the audience. Have a thorough understanding of the topics in discussion and create tests centering around them effectively. Without this, no creative storyboard services can help you.

Create content with respect to each of your goals

One of the best ways to ensure the attention of your audience and their natural inclination to your course is to create the content based on the objectives that you have. You must be able to explain the topic, the ideas going to be discussed and the key points of the sections. You must all the times try to converse with the audience in an amicable tone using short sentences, metaphors and examples to make them stay interested and listen to the same.

Develop a content sequence and arrange the content

This is another important step to make the storyboard effective. Get all the information about the course from the subject matter expert and understand how best the same is going to be made available to the audience. Understand how the entire course progresses naturally and how each lesson factors into the next. Once you are able to do it, arrange them accordingly for greater effectiveness.

Take care of the multimedia elements included

This is another important aspect that you have to understand while creating an effective storyboard. Taking effective advantage of various images, animations, videos and a wide variety of interactive media can make the whole eLearning experience an exceptional one. Here you can read some of the most vital details regarding creating storyboards for animation are furnished, read ahead!

Be as much detailed as you can

When you are detailing on including all the various interactions that your audience would have with the material while in the learning process, make sure that you become as much clear and detailed as possible. It can save your final design from ending up with broken links and media, which is not a nice thing, at all.

The process of adding your script

Once you have all the media types that you are going to use, include the script into the same. Keep the script as much crisp and to-the-point as well as possible, as the voice over will be doing the rest of the job. Also it is intelligent to have less talking as scripts have a tendency to put the audience off. Companies offering professional storyboard creation services always keep this in mind.

Avoid cognitive overload

It has to be kept in mind that the storyboard is only a means to help you for the smooth sailing of your eLearning course development and as such, you must carefully analyze the content being included in each lesson of the course you are developing. If you think that there are too many details or too much information crammed into one topic or lesson, think about the ways by which you can make it all the more digestible and learner-friendly

Mapping the eLearning course navigation

This is another important aspect to decide how the course will respond to the interactions of the audience such as where to put the back and forward buttons; what icons to use to represent these interactions on the material etc. Navigation is too crucial and getting it right only assures that the storyboard serves it purpose well.

Inclusion of transition between each lesson

3d storyboard creation is an exceptional opportunity to see how your eLearning course will pan out even before you have all the content with you. In this regard, it is an exceptional place to include the best transition slides that you are going to include at the end of the lesson to help the audience understand about the impending lesson. You can include here a summary of the things and topics discussed previously and how that will factor into the next topic that will be on discussion.

Keep these ideas in your head while trying to develop an effective storyboard that can help you avail an exceptional eLearning experience. It is understood that no two eLearning courses be alike, but each must have a strong foundation to begin with, which here in case is the storyboard.

You can refer various eLearning storyboard examples before starting. Else, there are many companies providing remarkable class of creative design services. You can seek their assistance if you lack the time or resources in-house.

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Pay attention to these 10 aspects while eBook and ePub formatting for stellar results

How to format an eBook to achieve best results is a tiring question as many factors are to be considered. Formatting eBooks is not an easy job; it requires patience, skill and exceptional attention to details to get the desired results. In the grand scheme of formatting a digital book, one has to take exceptional care to make it look exactly like in the desired aesthetics.

eBook and epub formatting

Let us look at a few of the most important elements which can improve the overall look and feel of the eBook, if taken care of while formatting an digital book.

Developing an eBook is an entirely different beast than developing a website:

Designing a digital book is not like designing a website and many have a feel that both are the same. This is the first thing you have to keep in mind while getting started to design and these are as different as cheese and chalk. As the case is, it is imperative that you assign the task to a professional or an organization that knows what the whole business is all about if you are not that confident to carry out the task in-house. An important idea to keep in mind is that an eBook is a realization of replicating the feel of reading a physical book and it only takes very little incongruity to thwart the whole user-experience by not getting the expert to do it.

The good news of most eBooks not being fixed-layouts:

When you want to format, your primary intention is to reach as many readers as possible and provide them with an exceptional reading experience. However, you need to make sure that the layout that you want for the eBook is the best and it suits most devices, since people read on an iPhone, a tablet or even a computer or laptop. So your eBook must look great in all devices irrespective of the size and must be ‘reflowable’—it must be able to resize the font size, the page must flow naturally to the next content, creating an experience that the reader would love to have over and over again.

Style elements that cannot be forced:

There are certain elements in an eBook that you cannot exercise complete control over. For example

  • Dropcaps
  • Hanging indents 
  • Running headers and running footers
  • Body fonts

Since these elements cannot be utilized to the extent you may desire or require to, they have to be intelligently used to strike an exceptional balance to not hurt the overall aesthetical and stylistic image of the electronic book. Certain electronic Books have a way with certain design elements and you need to know which is which and how that works for the best results.

For Kindle, MOBI is preferred over Word files:

In case of eBook formatting for Kindle, certain things are to be kept in mind.  When Amazon forayed into ePub business and started to have Kindle, they provided kindle file format support only for MOBI eBook formats. So, it was easier to simply convert ePub to Kindle format. However, as times passed Word files too became an acceptable format and it works just fine. But the real problem started coming up when the Word files are auto-converted; the end results were not really fascinating. As a result, if you need your Word file to look dashing and exceptional, you need to work on it very hard. So these things have to be kept in mind while you race to get your files formatted. Experts indulged in the professional provision of Kindle eBook formatting services are well acquainted with all the said.

Understand the standards for eBook formatting:

Another important aspect to take care of while formatting is to understand the various standards that different platforms keep. Though the standards are released publicly, there are areas that are gray and of ambiguity. They can create reading issues differently on different platforms. As a result, it becomes extremely pertinent that you have a thorough understanding of the standards and the good grasp of them to get the best results. To get the best looking and exceptional eBook, you really need to work your ways through to it.

Test your digital books:

One of the most fundamental things to do to ensure that the eBook is of desired format, style and it responds in the desired ways in different platforms is to test it. It is quite possible that the book might appear a little off or a little sideways on different platforms and appear a little bizarre on another. Things like these are bound to happen and unless you test as many times as to ensure exceptional performance, you may not get what you need. Most of the e-publishing service providers have a separate team exclusively for the testing processes.

Print covers and eBook covers:

Covers have the distinct role making the book look appealing and attractive to the people looking at it. It must be intriguing enough while creating a distinctive feel for the book. Unlike a book where a separate cover document and interior file are fed into the printer, in a digital book, the cover art is fed as a separate file altogether. Also, it will also be present in the book.

Incorporating rich media into eBooks:

Creating rich media ePubs is rather tricky, especially when you need to call content hosted on external servers and they refuse to connect due to security issues. The best way that works in every scenario is to capture the screenshot of your video and to create a link of the image to the video hosted on an external server. So you would need to get the desired result according to the requirements under check. Adding enhanced eBook features always help.

Table of contents (TOC):

One of the most challenging tasks when it comes to ePub formatting is to replicate the feel, ease of reading a book holding in your hand. To reproduce the feel is also the most fundamental objective of every eBook creator. One of the best ways to do that in an eBook is to create a table of content just like in a book. Most of the times, unlike with a book, it is difficult to know where the reader is at with an eBook and having a table of content addresses the issue appropriately.

The new ePUB3:

The avatar of ePub has changed to ePub3. You may not notice the difference between the two, if you are not taking advantage of the intricate capabilities of the format. The newer platform is very robust and suits best if you are trying to make the eBook more interactive and rich in media. The idea of this advanced paper to digital conversion services is to bring in more personal and interactive feel to the reading experience. So, if you are making an eBook with a lot of interactive media in it for the audience that appreciates higher degrees of interactions, it is imperative that you use ePub3.

Even when you pay enough and more attention in creating a sparingly formatted eBook, things might go awry as there are many stylistic elements that stay beyond your control on several platforms. One of the best ways to avoid these inconsistencies is to keep nominal design elements and to get rid of inline formatting. One thing very peculiar about an electronic book is that the more you try to keep a finical approach to designing, the better it fares for you and the reader.

Well! If you want to stay away from all the complexities involved in the process, you can seek the assistance of any of best companies offering conversion and formatting services for eBooks

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