Fixed layout format- Completely manipulate the experience for your readers

With the whole publishing world getting dominated by digitization, it is quite understandable why people increasingly prefer eBook formatting services and conversion. When it’s about eBook conversion you may come across numerous options and selecting fixed layout ePub conversion services would surely be great.

This ePub format offers lots of benefits when compared to the normal eBooks. Fixed format almost exactly bears a resemblance to the original source outline. As suggested by the name itself, content never rearranges itself but exists as an image which can be zoomed in or zoomed out by the reader.

Fixed Layout Format

The format is in many ways different from normal PDF files. Though the content in PDF files also doesn’t reflow, there is a huge difference as fixed ePub layout makes use of highly improved interactive features. Professional services providers will assure great and optimal features integration.

As far as a publisher is concerned, fixed layout ePub conversion gives him maximum control than any other option; complete manipulation of reader’s experience can be done. He can embed fonts, determine text size, margin and line spacing as well as select and place the visual elements wherever he likes and so on. All features such as navigation, bookmarking can be incorporated. Fixed layout ePub conversion is actually like typesetting’s digital version.

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From the perspective of reader audience, demand for scrolling and zooming can cause a bit of discomfort. However the format is highly appreciated for children’s books with huge illustrations and also for all those books in which layout plays a relevant role in communication.

Most of the companies now offer fixed layout ePub conversion services which provide formats that fall in line with the demands of all popular online retailers including Barnes & Noble, Apple and Amazon. Some specific skills and knowledge is needed for fixed layout ePub conversion services and so make sure to choose the right people.

About MAP Systems:

eBook Conversion Services

MAP Systems is a leading service provider offering quality services in ePub conversion, prepress services, graphic designing, 3D services for publishers and various other domains. Our services include book typesetting, copy editing, XML conversion, kindle conversion, OCR conversion and more.

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About MAP Systems

MAP Systems a leading service providing company offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, prepress services, photo editing, graphic designing, 3D services for various business entities worldwide.
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