Kindle eBook conversion: Best tips to avoid errors

Errors are disgusting and sometimes the impact made by them can make your whole effort go in vain. When it’s about eBook conversion services, especially Kindle eBook conversion, there are certain tips that can help you to avoid errors.

Recently with the latest updates, this has become a bit more complicated. The looks these books showcase on the device is a factor that largely determines the extent of success enjoyed by eBook conversion services.

Though Kindle Direct Publishing instructs the users regarding the uploading of word file for producing Kindle eBooks, the unfortunate fact is that best outputs are not received.  Even if you create text in HTML and convert it to that required format using Calibre, formatting errors may intrude. One of the main reasons for the same is that third part software for conversion is no longer supported by KDP. Instead KDP’s own software, KindleGen is required.

The main error causing entities for these services are quotation marks, apostrophes, ellipses  and dashes. So, you must use them very carefully. This can be a bit time consuming but worthy and therefore unavoidable.

The best thing you can do is to create four separate documents for the eBook: “an opf”, “a table of contents html”, “actual text html” and “table of contents nx”.  In these docs, even a single missed semi-colon or an extra semi-colon can cause significant formatting issues.

Then after creating these documents, now you can combine them all along with KindleGen and cover photo. The resultant eBook can be viewed on the Kindle Previewer . Thus the errors can be identified and rectification can be done in accordance to that.

However, the most sensible thing you can do is to rely on any expert service provider. This can surely save you a lot of time and effort.

Keep reading and stay in touch! We bring to you most valuable and up-to-date information  about kindle conversion.

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