Book-Edge Scanner- the best solution for special collections

The trend of digitization has become too prevalent and this surely has great upsides. When it comes to special collections, there are certain challenges that have to be dealt with. When researchers and patrons are too particular about using even the most incomprehensible materials in digital format, safety emerges as the primary concern. The best solution for such an issue that is preferred by most of the Indian companies offering book and document scanning services is a book-edge scanner.

book and document scanning

With regards to bulk document scanning services one of the basic rules when it comes to the scanning of bound materials is that you should not apply pressure for flattening the documents; this can damage the precious material. It has been testified by librarians and publishers worldwide that the rule can easily be followed using book-edge scanners. This is possible mainly because of the presence of a special beveled glass edge which makes the page to rest perfectly flat thus guarding the subtle spine from getting damaged in any way. No matter how much fragile they are, these can easily be accommodated. Even over sized documents with dimensions 11”x17” poses no issues.

Book edge scanners used by professional Indian companies offering document scanning and digitizing services easily scans bulky bound volumes. Also, the positive is that the output will be more readable with enhanced OCR across the whole page.

Special collections are meant to balance preservation and ease of access. By using book edge scanners, this can easily be attained. Digitizing a special collection finds no better option than the said; this is safe and swift.

However what ultimately matters is the proficiency level of Indian outsourcing company on which you rely. So, do all possible research to make sure that you get the best service provider by your side. You can simply search in the web and scrutinize the testimonials and portfolios of concerned companies.

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