Before deciding an eBook publishing platform

The very basic thing to understand before anything else is that every platform has its own unique upsides and pitfalls. There are numerous ebook publishing platforms among which three most prominent ones are discussed in this blog post- Kindle from Amazon, Apples’ iBooks and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.


Till date, Kindle store enjoys the record of highest eBook sales. Though this has reduced a bit in last couple of years, a significant market is still held by Kindle. When Amazon arrived with Kindle, it did several things to reasonably convince the prospects. It kept the readers affordable. The Kindle devices for its making cost even more than the sales prices. Downloading a book from Kindle is really an easy, swift and hassle-free process. Most of the conversion companies admit the same and prefer kindle over others.

Free samples are offered from After downloading it and reading, if the book convinces the readers, they can simply click on the Buy button towards the end of sample. Another reason why eBook conversion companies prefer Kindle is that it has a 90 day agreement for authors. You can choose any of the 5 days from these 90 days and provide your eBook for free. This really helps.

Nearly 25% of the eBook market is equipped by Nook. It has many obvious upsides but the issue here is that they don’t get it easy when it comes to publishing a book with Barnes & Noble.

iBooks holds just 5% of the total market share. The fact is that this percentage is continuously increasing as digital versions are getting more enriched and erudite. According to many reputed Indian companies offering eBook conversion and formatting services, Apple is again redefining the standard of publishing. The positives of iBooks is that it creates interactive and exceptional outputs allowing custom fonts and it also adds more vibrancy contrary to the traditional plain eBooks.  However the most pressing issue is that it is supported only on iPad and thus fails to reach the king part of market place.

Now if you are in a dilemma regarding which is the best ebook publishing platform to choose, consider the undermentioned insights that we have garnered through our experience as an Indian outsourcing company providing eBook conversion services.

For those aiming at lead generation, Amazon’s Kindle would be the best option. If the book is for a larger audience and you understand that they prefer Nook or iPad, approach services such as BookBaby that allows your book on almost all platforms. It has some restrictions and you will be charged but more exposure can be gained.

The needs, target audience and nature of books etc. are some of the other factors that have to be considered by the author or publisher. This will help them to grab remarkable results. As an expert outsourcing company having assisted innumerable authors and publishers, we would be more than happy to help you in case of your queries related to eBook conversion, formatting or publishing.

Keep reading our blogs and we would appreciate if you can share your experiences with us.


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