Typesetting your books without seeking professional assistance-pitfalls

We don’t believe that self-published books always look weird. But you also can’t deny the fact that, unprofessional typesetting can ruin the entire purpose of publishing. Sometimes even without a word a read, you can identify a book to be self-published and that’s the reason why people prefer relying on any of the best typesetting companies in India offering unsurpassed quality services.

A lot of self-publishers typeset their books using Microsoft Word or other similar programs. The issue with such programs is that they are not descendants of the typesetting systems but typewriters. Initially they were intended to impersonate the feel and looks of typical typewriter.

The earlier word processors used mono-typed fonts. This means each number, punctuation or letter occupied same space as in case of typewriter.

However, these days the typesetting programs used by most of the Indian companies are descendants of computerised professional level systems.

Those who typeset by themselves without hiring any service providers usually use two programs- Microsoft Word and Indesign. The later one would be a better option, though it can’t be regarded as the best or ideal.

In Microsoft Word, you will see gangling lines of words and unreasonably huge spaces between them. Word offers no commendable control for kerning, tracking or spacing. Indesign on the other hand has many options for the same. But working on an Indesign page incrementally will lead to the alterations in overall page tone thus degrading the reading experience. Also the adjustments you make for a particular layout with any specific typeface may not work favourably with other.

Self-publishing is something you should try only if you are confident enough or else your book would end up as a worthless chunk of text dumped on papers.

It is therefore always advisable to rely on professional people from reputed Indian typesetting companies.


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