EBook conversions: Important tips to adhere to for a stunning copy

EBooks are nowadays a craze with readers. The profusion of smart-devices and their consequent penetration among readers have made electronic versions progressively supersede hardcover books.

eBook publishing platform

Popularity of e-books

If you are a writer, you need to focus solely on content creation. Morphing manuscripts into digital formats can be left to expert service providers in India. EBook formats are multifarious so as to aid the reader enjoy the content on his/ her preferred device. Among most popular formats are .docx, .pdf, .txt, .ePUB, and .mobi.

Conversion tips to get attractive eBooks

A professional Indian Ebook Conversion Company takes the burden off your shoulders pertaining to publishing your content in the desired format. However, before submitting the content for publication services, you need to proofread the content to weed out typos and sloppy grammar.

The aesthetic appeal of the book can be heightened by maintaining consistency in document formatting. This would keep the readers’ engrossed and increase popularity.

Your book’s initial two pages should carry information pertaining to publisher credentials, publication date, copyright data, ISBN numbers and other relevant credits.

You are free to opt for embellished fonts. However, it is recommended by professional Indian service providers that you go for standard fonts that are acceptable across all available devices. Fancier fonts not supported by certain devices can distort the appearance of your content during eBook conversion process and convey a poor impression of your creativity. Font size should be optimized for convenient reading.

If you intend to publish your content in ePub format, it is desirable that content in sidebars/ tables should be listed as plain text as tables etc. are not supported in ePub format.

Refrain from adding third part references to page numbers. The Table of Contents should include page references. An e-Reader device spontaneously deletes footnotes, headers/ footers and indexes.

If you are planning to include images in the electronic version, they should adhere to the format stipulations i.e. colour mode-RGB, resolution -72dpi or above, and format -.jpg, .tif or .png.  Images should be resized extraneously and then inserted in the digital book. Text wrapped around images or images not set in-line with text should strictly be avoided.

There are many reputed eBook conversion service providers in India which would extend you all possible support to get your first work published. Avail this opportunity and shoot yourself into limelight with the help of a professional company.


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