Elevate photorealism in your renders to new echelons- Part 1

Achieving photo-realism is what most of the CG artists consider as their ultimate goal. Earlier it was a herculean task. However, with the advent in concerned technologies, there are a lot of tools nowadays that can help even an amateur 3D rendering artist to obtain photo-realism with ease.

There are certain techniques that the Best 3d rendering companies follow.

3d rendering services

Bevelling is pivotal

Those who newly enter the realm of 3D rendering may not realize how significant chamfering or bevelling the edges is. The fact is that there are no perfectly sharp edges in real life. A slight roundness is always unavoidable. With bevelling, details can be brought out with precision and the level of realism can be significantly elevated.

Mastering Linear Workflow

The necessity of linear workflow attributes to the fact that the display images in monitor differ considerably from the output generated by your render engine; this has to be rectified.   Artists offering these services usually combat this by taking the steps required for gamma correction. Linear workflow avails much more than that. This technique shuns away from old methods and embrace real materially grounded lighting solutions.

Optimal use of IES light profiles

Impersonating real world lighting is enabled by IES light profiles. As these contains exact information about shape of light, fall off and luminance, people offering 3D services consider the provision as a boon. With IES light profiles you can mimic the real world without perspiring for hours.

Field depth effects usage

One of the most effective and easiest methods for increasing photorealism is by applying blurred background of field depth effect. Shallow depth helps in isolating a subject from others in a scenario. You can calculate the depth effects during rendering from the 3D package. This effect can also be applied in post but setting up the field depth in advance provides you with more control.

Chromatic Aberration addition

It is one amongst the easiest and best techniques that can immensely help services provider. Chromatic aberration happens in actual photography when the lens fail to render the entire color channels towards a single point of convergence. Since this phenomenon doesn’t occurs naturally in the case of CG lighting, 3D artists fake this occurrence. Chromatic aberration can surely increase realism but refining may be needed.

There are few more techniques that can assist 3D rendering services provider for attaining perfection. Read them here.


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