Elevate photorealism in your renders to new echelons- Part 2

Previously we discussed some great tips for increasing photorealism in renders. In fact there are few more techniques that you must not overlook; as a professional company providing 3D rendering services, we know how much these help. Let us have a glance on them.

Using Specular Maps

Specular maps is something that every artist must be acquainted with. It assists you in detecting the parts that must have high glossiness and the areas that have to be more strewn. Most of the things are not of uniform glossiness naturally. But still by using specular maps, you can bring out the surface irregularities from dents, dings and scratches.

Imperfection is sometimes perfect

Perfection is not in all cases the best thing to happen, especially in case of CG. As you know, real world objects are most of the times not pristine and clean. So, don’t hesitate to add some grit and dirt to your textures and models. There are few exceptions though as in case if you are meant to create a well-polished architectural structure or a tech gadget etc.

Adding Asymmetry

Adding symmetry while modelling a character avails any artist offering these services great flexibility and luxury. With this they don’t have to worry whether one eye gets larger than the other or right cheekbone line-up perfectly with the left one. But towards the end of your work as most companies suggest, asymmetric variance is a good idea. Adding certain sort of asymmetry in textural details, costumes and pose etc. can make the models look more real. This will help you to come up with more dynamic outputs.

We, among the best 3D rendering companies offering high tech 3D services using most modern tools and innovative techniques. In upcoming blog posts, we are planning to bring to you more insights regarding the way we work and what has helped us to gain the reputation we enjoy today. Stay tuned!


About MAP Systems

MAP Systems a leading service providing company offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, prepress services, photo editing, graphic designing, 3D services for various business entities worldwide.
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