Why automated softwares are not a good idea for assuring quality eBooks?

In this digital era, eBook conversion is something that you can’t avoid anymore. Almost every author and publisher is preferring to launch his work on digital platforms than through traditional print media. Those who have already published their work through print are speedily converting their printed materials to electronic formats after realizing the scope the latter offers.

And when it comes to assuring perfect quality eBooks, you have two options – either rely on any of the automated software or outsource to a professional company offering best eBook conversion services.

ebook conversion services

Though using automated tools may seem a cost-effective option, this has many drawbacks that you must not overlook. One of the most disgusting among them is that even after the conversion is done, a lot of time is needed for formatting processes. You may even have to invest on professionals for eBook formatting services after the failed attempts to fix the issues by yourself.

With software, the time needed for conversion varies based on several factors. Source file type, content complexity in it, completeness offered, the extent to which you want cleanness etc. are just a few to mention. Source file format influences the time taken for preparing your material for the process. It is always advisable to carefully check all the formats in which the source is available.

Normally novels are much easier to format after conversion but in case of text books with technical content including images, sidebars, footnotes and formatted tables, eBook formatting seems a tedious task.

Software programs avail you only rough transformation and no software is attuned to the demands of your unique craft.  Hence even commercial versions may fail to meet your requirements in a precise manner.

Manual interference is always inevitable for conversion and formatting. So, it is always preferable to outsource your requirements to a best eBook conversion company indulged professionally in this domain so as to avoid complexities.

However you must be very careful while selecting the service provider or else things may get even worse. Ask for their portfolio and demand a free sample done for you. Don’t forget to inquire the steps they take for guaranteeing safety of your documents. Also resourcefulness of a company determines the turnaround time you can expect form them. So, be careful in that regard.

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