5 magazine cover design tips equally important for amateurs and professionals

Your prospects should be impressed with the very first glance they have on your magazine and for that, the cover design must be exceptional and alluring. It should invoke interest and curiosity in them to explore further. Five of the best tips for magazine cover designs are listed below.

tips for magazine cover design

Dealing with the title

The basic tip for any cover designing attempt is to first concentrate on the magazine name. The name should reasonably reflect the nature of your story or the business, product or service that you are offering. It should be done in such a way that the readers quickly identify you. The name should be the largest text and lesser words would be better.

Feature title design

Creativity should reach its peek when it comes to the feature title. Use questions, absurd phrases or anything that creates inquisitiveness in the readers. It should stand second in regard of size soon after the main title.

Cover photo selection

The best graphic design companies always carry out this process very carefully. Cover photo engulfs the king part of the page and hence any misjudgement in selection would be intolerable. It should unfailing capture the eyes of readers and inspire them emotionally. You must work on the photos to make it apt for the cover page; combining different images for better communication is also a good idea.

Visual theme creation

It is the way of content presentation that direct your reader’s eyes. Most important among the different elements must stand out and get noticed. For that you can make them bigger or contrast them against the background. Font determines the way people read something as it creates the intended mood. Elegant and discrete lettering sends a signal that the nature of magazine is serious. Flamboyant styles suit entertaining publications.

Colour schemes

The colour combinations for magazine are also very important and their involuntary messages must be understood. Professional service providers have expert designers who master colour psychology. Revered magazines can go with grey or similar elegant choices. Excitement and entertainment are conveyed via yellows and reds, natural effects are created by earth tones and likewise. Lesser colours assure simplicity while flooding them ignite readers to expect more lively and amusing content.

To get yourself accommodated in any of the best magazine design company, following above tips can be definitely useful.


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