5 operative tips for perfect children’s book illustrations

Artworks that appear in the pages need to be crafted carefully to achieve desired level of perfection. Here are some illustration excellent tips and techniques which are to be followed in order to excel in children’s book illustration service provisions.

child book illustration


  1. Keep drawing out imaginations

One of the key features of being a successful illustrator is the ability to draw perfect figures. If your hands reach where your mind expect them to, then you will have a good time drawing aliens and dragons that allure kids. A picture book filled with creative drawings is a favorite among children. Parents also love to read out to them that are highly demonstrated.

2. Use of detailed illustrations

Detailed illustrations always help in communicating the intended ideas more effectively and easily. Curious eyes will surely catch the hidden details that are stuffed somewhere in the pages. Wacom tablets are handy tools to attain desired results.

3. The simpler, the better

Face expressions are etched the same way like a movie actor’s representations are copied. Children quickly grasp the two dots in the face as eyes. It is a representation which was very successful from the historic age of illustrating. Slight modifications to eyebrows and very small facial curves can define a characters current mental situation. Keeping it simple is therefore the success mantra.

4. Prepare a kids’ book staples

Illustration tips and tricks also include preparing a portfolio of kids’ book staples which is a good way to attract your publisher. It will provide him a positive attitude, one that will distinguish you from the amateur caricaturists out there. A long and rewarding career awaits those who are well prepared with a contrasting staple.

5. Varied thinking for unique results

Some story books have 32 pages of which only 28 or 29 are actually usable from the point of a cartoonist. Rectangular approach of design is the key to success as shown by many professional designers.  Stuffing in details tiles along with simpler ones with story is a better approach than junking in all the content simultaneously. Each of the original stories must have a striking color variation. Read more about 5 techniques for colouring illustrations.

The scope of talented children’s book illustration is awesome in the era of picture books and comic art works. These tips will certainly help to create competitive books which will be sure head turners.


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