7 shrewd web design tips that are likely to rule the domain in 2016

Web development is swiftly revolutionizing and it has been evolving ever since the concept initiated. Even the smartest tip of 2015 will seem non-effective in 2016.Since internet is on the move every single minute, developers have to stay awake for the hottest tips and here some of the ostensibly most productive web design trends of 2016 are presented. 

  1. Background Video Transitions

Background Video Transitions


A unique way to grab some attention is to make the long story short. It is the right time to move on to much better transition techniques which involve videos. There are several companies availing small business web design services that crop videos to suit background.

  1. GIF Animation

Gif animation

If you have noticed a moving picture like a boy reading a newspaper or a bottle emptying, well that is not an illusion, the company just created the website has added a seamless loop of images to make the whole scene look like an animation. It is smart and it is going to be embraced by many in the future.

  1. Providing an enjoyable user experience(UX)

What users want is a bit of enjoyable experience. Successful service providers strike the perfect chord by providing that experience in every bit of micro information. Rarely does websites rely on old styled message boxes and phrases; Read here some website enhancement tips to improve the user experience.

  1. Mimic Parallax Scrolling

parallax scrolling

Bring back old memories of playing Nintendo games and evaluate how parallax technology affected your childhood. It is an art of moving background images at a slower speed compared to the foreground image thus creating a sense of 2 dimensional effect. It is really cool and provides an excellent aesthetic appeal.

  1. Better Opt Ins.

Choosing the right Opt Ins can help a long way in improving the feel that audience gets. Casual surfers find opt ins very interesting and helpful but that is not always the story. Pop ups are not the only form of message passing. In fact Welcome Mats are better options.

  1. Doodles and illustrations

illustration in web design

It is much attractive if you can source some hand drawn doodles or illustrations even if that was the brainchild of a 10 year old. Sometimes plush use of graphics and videos stand second to hand drawn illustrations. They also provide a hell lot of information and fun most of the times.

  1. Consider the platform


2016 will see a large number of tablets and mobile devices than what 2015 saw; the trend will continue to grow. What professional developers have to consider is the ergonomic factor while developing websites. A website optimized for mobile devices is always in the most accessed list.

These designs vary greatly and the trend seems to stop nowhere. Following the current changes offers a new path and cooler layouts. The above listed web design trend predictions for 2016 are also prone to change. So adapt quickly.

Hiring the professional web design and development services with vibrant and creative brains who also have a keen pair of eyes for the ever-changing trends can help you significantly.


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