Four ways for creating an EPub you need to know

EPub creation can be done in a lot of ways among which 4 prominent ones are explained below.

Tips for creating an Epub

  1. Let’s start from the basics

Creating an ePub file from scratch requires an editing software like Dreamweaver installed on your computer. They are basically zip files and the same can easily be checked by changing the extension of an ePub file. The zip file will contain many xhtml files and xml ones. There will be a container.xml file which tells the reader where to search for an OPF file.  It is the heart of the ebook and serves many purposes.

  1. Using apps that export ePub files

Do it yourself stuff may be strenuous for many amateur publishers which is the main reason why they prefer to use an application designed to export ePub files. Apache’s nifty tool Open Office has a creative plugin known as Writer2ePub which helps to save files as ebooks.

Scrivener, QuarkXpress, Adobe’s InDesign and Apple’s Pages are some of the highly recommended tools in the industry. If print publication is your target then QuarkXpress and InDesign can help you a lot.

  1. Conversion depending on an online service

What we have during the conversion phase is a doc or rtf file which has the content. But a Word document is not necessarily an Ebook. Calibre is an impressive tool which allows fine control over the process. A WYSIWYG editor allows cleaning of these files after conversion.

There are other options like eBook creation services available to upload a Word document and get an output in ePub format. It usually requires payment of some form. SmashWords is a cool Word to ePub conversion service provider. What they do is that conversion takes place much like Calibre but you need not be aware of the process and further cleaning up.

  1. Designers to support conversion process

Even though it is not the option for all the ebook publishers, those who want to move out of all the hectic process usually depend on professional ebook conversion service providers. If you have a set of complex design elements including images, sidebars, notes and tables then it is wise to lend professional support. Especially when you want to add a read aloud track, video, any form of enhancements, non-Latin characters or complex headers then the best bet would be a professional designer.

Companies offering eBook conversion and formatting services create clean and attractive output which is compatible with a number of ebook readers. Hiring an eBook Conversion Company does challenge the cost factor but if you feel that your work needs to be in safe hands then it is worth going for it.

Pdf to ePub conversion services deploy efficient methods and applications to unlock the power of ebooks. The tips discussed above will help to create stunning electronic output from plain content be it RTF or DOC formats.


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MAP Systems a leading service providing company offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, prepress services, photo editing, graphic designing, 3D services for various business entities worldwide.
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