Designing a magazine cover- Certain things you need to know

Designing a magazine cover is just like other forms of designing and requires skill and exceptional talent to create breakthrough pages. The internet is full of tips and tricks that let you create stunning cover graphics. Underlying are those sorted out magazine cover design tips that are most effective among them.

How to design a magazine cover

  • Templates and design guides

Consistency is a key factor in this phase. There has to be uniformity in between pages and editions. Big brands such as FHM and Cosmopolitan can be taken as examples. Regularly updated styles ease the process of losing continuity which most prolific brands don’t wish to suffer.

  • Advanced planning methodology

Go ahead and prepare editions that are sure to be head turners rather than present lackluster pages with information that rarely pleases viewers. Ideas on how to design a good magazine cover require a lot of time and thoughts to be practical. You have to keep in mind what is the favorite topic or point of interest for the special edition. An intriguing, fascinating or spectacular cover page require days if not weeks of preparation.

  • Get inspired

Creativity is not limited but time certainly is. You have only an imaginable amount of time. Uninspired designers can quote few examples and check other publications. This helps them to check what is actually necessary and plan accordingly. However, this never means that ideas are to be copied. You can surely get inspired but the work must be original.

  • Type and font usage

Visual identity is the key to success for brands that rely on cover pages and editorial topics. Therefore it is vital to keep an active blueprint as template. Big brands have a unique style and representation which includes type, fonts and illustrations.

  • Budget constraints

Finance is also not easy to come by during tight situations. Sometimes you may find that the special illustration or artwork that you require is too pricey for your wallet. It is better to move forward with stock images from cheap art websites. Deviant art and Flickr are some of the best resources available in the internet.

  • General design ideas

Designers stick onto their topic because it is interesting and economically feasible. On the other hand, viewers require what they need. Their demand elevates the need for perfect ideas which occur only when the right covers are aimed. Look from several angles to get a good view of the picture. Remember that content, ads, title and text have to come and the major topic must also be in the highlights.

It is a complex process which requires considerable amount of time and patience. However if you plan to outsource, then you need to look out for magazine design companies that provide exceptional graphic designing services so that you get exactly the result you are looking for.

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