LaTeX tips and tricks: What to avoid while using it

Have you ever felt a need for an alternative to Microsoft Word for processing latex code for math? Well there is an excellent option if you are ready to learn more on how it works. It is a robust template system for document typesetting. It requires you to prepare a manuscript in a structured manner before you wait for an output. A template has to be specified to produce a typeset version of your writings. Content is separated from the document in this format. Here are few LaTeX formatting tips to avoid while using this software to have a better result.

Tips and tricks for LaTex typsetting

  1. Avoid Math Mode for italics

It is a regularly made mistake to use math mode for expressing italics. It represent variables as italics in mathematical expressions. So if you use $age$, then it will appear like age. This is not actually italics. It is in fact a spaced distinction between letters. If you want text to be italicized then prefer using use \text it [text for italicizing].

  1. Bad usage of quotations

This unique software offers excellent styles of quotations for rendering documents. Inverted commas or smart quotes when produced as an output by word processing software may not produce desirable output. Straight quotes also produce the same amount of confusion. Left and right inverted commas are by default the LaTeX code for quotation.

  1. Use space in between mathematical expressions

I your text has extended past the end line, then you have used mathematical expressions which are long enough. LaTeX code for mathematical expressions doesn’t put line breaks into expressions. This causes expressions to be lengthy and sometimes cross the line. If you want to insert non mathematical punctuation’s, then opt out of math-mode.

  1. Full text of citations

If you are a veteran writer, then even if you opt out of citations, you will receive splendid results due to the efficiency of LaTeX full citation in text. If you are processing a reference list by hand, please make sure that they are in correct order either alphabetically or author wise. Also make sure that the references are cited and that they are listed with the help of a reference manager.

  1. Don’t overdo commands for looks

It is more of a word processor and a document manipulator than a graphic tool. A cool example is the usage of vector symbols. While they are described to have an arrow on top most of the journals specify that vectors should have a bold upright letter than an arrow. It is one of the basic LaTeX tips and tricks.

A system as capable as this one can help academic publishers and authors who try to carry out the tasks by themselves. LaTeX when mastered can be faster than Microsoft Word and other documents. Also multilingual typesetting companies that offer typesetting services can really exploit the potential availed to the core.


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