Know more about typesetting process

You are well acquainted of typesetting and issues related with it. Now let us see further details including what actually is produced. The process in fact involves two main phases- typesetting services and proofreading.

Normally the process proceeds as follows.

  • Primary pagination
  • Outcomes of the first proofs
  • First set of proofing
  • Completion
  • Final proofing
  • Indexing
  • Print-ready copy output
  • Checking of final copy
  • Print files delivery for the printer

However, the process carried out by typical typesetting companies can be basically classified into three steps.

Initial process

Practices vary significantly based on the machines. Also, the software program used plays a crucial role. However, the steps normally followed by a company offering typesetting, proofreading services are other related ones are as follows.

  • Page design finalization.
  • Documents created based on design specification.
  • Input files conversion that does not adhere to software requirements or page design.
  • Text files marking up with steady paragraph styles so as to match with those defined in destination documents.
  • Importing as well as text files placement in the documents.
  • Assigning of character and paragraph styles to any tables and the text.
  • Importing and image files placement.
  • First proof generation

Proofing output

Earlier when typesetting process was done using dedicated machines, the preliminary proofs were produced in a galley manner; there were unbroken texts devoid of any type of page breaks. Once the layout is confirmed, the book or magazine would be marked pages and the proofs that follow will show exact page breaks. These could also be printed on to galleys or confined to their own individual pages.

Today, the output by publishing systems are entirely different. Galleys have faded away and output are obtained as PDF or they are printed on normal ordinary paper. The primary proofs set the final files for printer does not differ much in appearance. This is greatly helpful for a book typesetting service provider.


This is the last phase of the process and it depends on the way you have followed and the level of precision with which proofing is done.

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