OCR technology in healthcare industry – Some facts

Like every other sector, healthcare industry too is embracing automation for many of its labour-intensive activities. The preference of automation owes mainly to higher expectations of amplified competence, compliance to needed standards, reduced costs, swiftness, security and easy management. Optical character recognition in healthcare is gaining popularity and preference more than ever before.

Benefits of OCR in healthcare

Normally OCR service providers follow the following steps in medical documents scanning

  • Setting up of DMS or Document Management System and Automation Software.
  • Configuration of the actual job in hand like processing of invoices or claims etc.
  • Scanning of the documents
  • Data recognition using Optical Character Recognition technique.
  • Recognized data accuracy allocating for those detected to have low accuracy
  • Less accuracy data verification through the interface provided for such activities.
  • Ready document’s final storage.

The documents that are scanned as well as analysed can be passed in to the system as EDI files. It can be retained for the purpose of future reference, if needed. Mostly, it is of great use as an alleviation pathway against mistakes.

In a system as a whole, document management can be considered as the complete process including storage and indexing, search as well as OCR. While employment, considering flexibility in regard of several arrangements can be done. A use case that can mention at this point is document processing of invoices.

Making use of software programs such as ABBY FlexiCapture or Kodak Express as well as content management systems can help all such needs to be fulfilled. Mostly, for implementing ocr technology in healthcare industry, using licensed software is recommended. However, there is an open source named OCRopus provided by Google.

Automated software that are suited for specific purposes are available but building document administration, scanning as well as handling software programs in-house make you available with great flexibility. Thus its application can be done in many scenarios and tweaked for specific requirements; it is very helpful.

Automation solutions such created have certain pitfalls. First and foremost, quality and pace of output rely on input quality. Sizes of fonts and images etc. will have restrictions in case of OCR software’s.

If the input is of low quality, automation will provide output with low quality and more manual intervention will be needed thus increasing the chances of errors. So, input quality has to assured and then only ocr technology benefits can be leveraged for healthcare industry.

MAP Systems is one of the prominent ocr scanning companies geographically located in India. The company has extensive experience in varied OCR technologies as well as CMS systems. Our skills in creating awesome healthcare solutions attributes to the immense automation expertise as well as health care industry acquaintance we possess. This surely makes us the most preferred partner for ocr conversion services needed in health care industry.

You can reach MAP Systems directly by dropping a mail or filling the form. The company will reach you with its best packages and clarify all your queries in case if you have any.


About MAP Systems

MAP Systems a leading service providing company offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, prepress services, photo editing, graphic designing, 3D services for various business entities worldwide.
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