Tips for responsive website design

It is a mere misconception if you believe that responsive website is about forcing all your website content onto the smaller screens. Don’t simply tighten your present site but redesign it to fit on a mobile screen. There are some responsive web design tips that you must be aware of better results.

Mobile friendly website design tips

Understanding the concept of responsiveness

The very first step to be initiated is understanding the objectives of responsive design. Creating a seamless experience for a wide plethora of devices demands you to take care of many aspects. Easy reading, simple navigation, responsiveness according to user behaviour etc. are just a few to mention.  Understand what your priorities are and make sure the user sees what you feel will be relevant to them. This is mandatory for best responsive websites.

Make use of adaptive images

Website images are very important and this fact must be considered with importance. Your customer must see the product image without any hindrance. Once scalability for using in mobile is achieved, adjusting images should be the next focus for you. Image management techniques is one of the basics of responsive web design that you must adopt. It must be assured that the images you use are of high resolution.

Exploit the features of mobile to the core

Getting an excellent layout to suit mobile is never the end. Utilize entire things that a mobile device is capable of doing. Use responsive web design techniques that can efficiently catalyse your business growth. When someone taps on your mobile, a phone call should be initiated, Make use of auto-fill features, image recognition, user’s location and barcode scanning.  Fluid layouts are recommended because you don’t actually know which device your customer is going to use. So, the design should automatically realign its elements to work smoothly on the concerned platform.

Go creative- you will come up with something exceptional

Though there are countless tips for responsive web design, thinking out of the box can bestow you with benefits that nothing else would. It is your sense of stylishness that can attract and keep users navigate. So, never hesitate to do things innovatively.  There can be many pitfalls but it will be a great learning experience when our redesign your website next time. To be creative, it is not important that you should know even the minutest of entire technical aspects of website design. Experiment things and you will definitely get the results. Ultimately what you want is the satisfaction of user. Giving something monotonous, what they see in every website will not create any impression in them and go beyond and avail an experience that they will enjoy and remember.

No matter how much effective a responsive web design strategy is, it will initially appear restrictive only. The reason is that you will have to consider too many things when you work on the old design. But after you comprehend the basics, you actually get wider vistas to try-out innovative things. Also you can read some of the importance of responsive web design for business.

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MAP Systems a leading service providing company offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, prepress services, photo editing, graphic designing, 3D services for various business entities worldwide.
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