How influential is HTML5 for mobile apps?

The technologies used to develop mobile web apps have recently seen significant changes, thanks to innovations like HTML5. Previously, gamers enjoyed vast and varied games that were primarily developed using the Native apps. However, there are certain unique features that it can deliver to the gaming applications, thereby enhancing the experience of gamers altogether. Before studying the features what html5 for mobile apps power up the games with, have a brief look into the features that the games get from the Native apps.


Advantages and disadvantages of Native apps

The native apps add real-life features to the gaming applications, like geo-location, camera and accelerometer. The gaming applications have full access to the mobile resources like files, contacts and calendar. They are even responsive to gestures and touches. The graphic libraries (2D or 3D) also enhance the gaming experience. Above all, the feel, look and performance are quite refined when they are developed using these applications.

However, you need to know the drawbacks of the Native applications, as compared to features. Developing games through these apps is expensive and has high maintenance cost. Then there are complicated approval processes from the Application Store, followed by routine upgradation hassles. There is no cross-platform support and you need to share revenues with the platform vendors when you use these applications. After all, there is no learning curve.

Features of HTML5

Developers get an upper hand in mobile apps development using html5, as it has quite a few striking features. First of all, the semantics are simplified and easily readable. You need not use plug-ins for video and audio features. They come seamlessly built inside the games. Some of the games based on HTML5 include WebGL, SVG and CSS3. There are other features for advanced performance like easy access to all features of device-level like camera and geo-location. There are some new categories of input, like email, date, URL and so on. These need not be validated by Java Script. The storage mechanism is also upgraded, backed by DB storage and Web storage.

From the above analysis, it is evident that HTML5 is way better than the Native applications. If you need flash to html5 conversion services, you can seek the same from MAP Systems. HTML5 is ideal for animators, gamers, modules app developers for eLearning, CTA and SWF files. You can get in touch with the professionals here and experience the latest technological assistance.

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