Photo editing services for eCommerce business

A lot of businesses relying on online platform hire expert companies offering eCommerce photo editing services. The reason for the same is obvious; they know how relevant quality images are for the success of an eCommerce website.


In the present market dynamics where new e-stores are getting incepted almost every day, staying positively distinguished from the crowd will only help you to conquer the deserved slice of your cake. It is very important to stay innovative and professional in your approaches. You must also assure best experience with your online shop. Being acquainted with some of the best eCommerce image editing tricks can help. This will enhance the appeal of products in your store and increase its chances to win more sales.

Speaking concisely, some of the latest and relevant processes involved are:

  • Rectifying the issues of blurring on zooming
  • Image sharpening for elevating aspects of edges
  • Choosy changing of colours in the images
  • Background changing, removal or replacement
  • HDR enhancement for natural lighting properties
  • Editing of photos taken in iPhone

Click here to read in-detail about facts to be adhered in eCommerce image editing.

Businesses focusing on getting sales via web through online stores worldwide have realized that clear product photos are crucial and hence they are keen about ensuring images of highest achievable quality.

Professional product image editing services that a typical company offers

A wide array of image editing services are offered to embellish the visual appearance of your products. Some of the leading ones are:

  • 360 Degree Product view creation

This editing has huge potential for attracting viewers. The process involves making available the provision to rotate the images in any direction the visitor wants.

  • Retaining Shadow details

Shadows convey signals of originality. Shadow retention is done and in case if shadows are not present they are creatively added by the experts at a photo editing company.

  • Reflection Creation

Refection of the products too avails an appealing look. Companies adept in the process of editing create needed reflections to add authenticity to the product snaps.

  • Background Change

Sometimes removing background can make the image look crystal clear and exceptionally attractive. And at the other time, replacing or adding can create wonders. Background change is one of the most effective professional photography editing techniques of which experts make the best use of.

  • Brightness and Contrast Corrections

Clear view is most of the times hindered by inadequate levels of contrast and brightness. Some product features become completely imperceptible when there is over brightness or contrast. Correcting the issue can significantly enhance the image quality and visibility aspects.

  • Removing unwanted objects:

Unwanted elements sneaking in the snap should be removed as they can be distracting. Viewer’s attention has to be retained on the product and its features. So, you should not let any unwanted elements dominate the image. Cut it out from the photograph.

MAP Systems is the most trusted name when it comes to outsourcing photo editing services to India. The company has helped many businesses to reap unbelievable sales from their online stores. Reach us and let us know if we can help.

For more queries, visit photo editing FAQ page.


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