The eLearning Chronicle: 12 Tips to Create eLearning Storyboards

One of the most important aspects to ensure that the eLearning experience you want to deliver is great is to have an excellent foundation upon which you can carefully build your eLearning deliverables. And, this obviously means having an exceptional storyboard to ensure that you and the reader are able to understand the topic just the way it is intended to. However, creating an exceptionally comprehensible storyboard is not an easy job. There are certain tips to create storyboard which can of great help for you. Following them can definitely lead to an exceptionally great storyboard for improving the quality of learning experience that you want to deliver.

tips to create elearning storyboard

Select template that suits your requirements

If you are wondering how to create a storyboard for eLearning, things are quite easier nowadays. You can find numerous free storyboard templates online but don’t simply select any one randomly. Be sure to choose only the one that best fits your requirements. It is the best place to start for inexperienced ones as it does not need any sort of preparation. It is also helpful to develop some ideas about the flow of the storyboard for people who have a lot of trouble starting.

Create a clear idea about the objectives and goals that you want to achieve

There must be certain objectives behind creating an eLearning course. You have to center the creation of the storyboard on these objectives and goals that you have in your mind. It can help you streamline the entire storyboard to the important stuff and ward off all the things that can hinder you from creating effective eLearning storyboards.

Have a clear picture of the audience you are targeting

It indeed is one of the most important things to consider while creating storyboards for eLearning. You need to know who your audiences are, what is the level of their understanding of the things that you are going to talk about in your eLearning lessons etc. If you do not consider this aspect, then it is pretty sure that you will end up making a storyboard that does not resonate well with the audience, ever.

While creating an eLearning course, it is important to assess the audience and to decide on how and when you are going to conduct the tests and the type of the test you are going to use to assess the audience. Have a thorough understanding of the topics in discussion and create tests centering around them effectively. Without this, no creative storyboard services can help you.

Create content with respect to each of your goals

One of the best ways to ensure the attention of your audience and their natural inclination to your course is to create the content based on the objectives that you have. You must be able to explain the topic, the ideas going to be discussed and the key points of the sections. You must all the times try to converse with the audience in an amicable tone using short sentences, metaphors and examples to make them stay interested and listen to the same.

Develop a content sequence and arrange the content

This is another important step to make the storyboard effective. Get all the information about the course from the subject matter expert and understand how best the same is going to be made available to the audience. Understand how the entire course progresses naturally and how each lesson factors into the next. Once you are able to do it, arrange them accordingly for greater effectiveness.

Take care of the multimedia elements included

This is another important aspect that you have to understand while creating an effective storyboard. Taking effective advantage of various images, animations, videos and a wide variety of interactive media can make the whole eLearning experience an exceptional one. Here you can read some of the most vital details regarding creating storyboards for animation are furnished, read ahead!

Be as much detailed as you can

When you are detailing on including all the various interactions that your audience would have with the material while in the learning process, make sure that you become as much clear and detailed as possible. It can save your final design from ending up with broken links and media, which is not a nice thing, at all.

The process of adding your script

Once you have all the media types that you are going to use, include the script into the same. Keep the script as much crisp and to-the-point as well as possible, as the voice over will be doing the rest of the job. Also it is intelligent to have less talking as scripts have a tendency to put the audience off. Companies offering professional storyboard creation services always keep this in mind.

Avoid cognitive overload

It has to be kept in mind that the storyboard is only a means to help you for the smooth sailing of your eLearning course development and as such, you must carefully analyze the content being included in each lesson of the course you are developing. If you think that there are too many details or too much information crammed into one topic or lesson, think about the ways by which you can make it all the more digestible and learner-friendly

Mapping the eLearning course navigation

This is another important aspect to decide how the course will respond to the interactions of the audience such as where to put the back and forward buttons; what icons to use to represent these interactions on the material etc. Navigation is too crucial and getting it right only assures that the storyboard serves it purpose well.

Inclusion of transition between each lesson

3d storyboard creation is an exceptional opportunity to see how your eLearning course will pan out even before you have all the content with you. In this regard, it is an exceptional place to include the best transition slides that you are going to include at the end of the lesson to help the audience understand about the impending lesson. You can include here a summary of the things and topics discussed previously and how that will factor into the next topic that will be on discussion.

Keep these ideas in your head while trying to develop an effective storyboard that can help you avail an exceptional eLearning experience. It is understood that no two eLearning courses be alike, but each must have a strong foundation to begin with, which here in case is the storyboard.

You can refer various eLearning storyboard examples before starting. Else, there are many companies providing remarkable class of creative design services. You can seek their assistance if you lack the time or resources in-house.


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