7 Tips to showcase beautiful apparel images in eCommerce websites

The apparel industry is rapidly expanding with the inception of digital marketing. Product images used by ecommerce sites guide the customers to make the right choice of clothes. Quality of product photography as well as product imaging plays a key role in the ecommerce apparel industry. This is the main reason why ecommerce photo retouching for photographers is gaining more and more relevance.

Apparel photography images for ecommerce

Apparel photography images in ecommerce website

Earlier, mannequins were used to display clothes in the traditional market framework. However, now the term ‘ghost mannequin’ is used to indicate the photographic effects used to showcase apparels in ecommerce portals. In reality, it is not a mannequin, but a photographic effect is used to showcase the shape the apparel images. The mannequin is invisible in the image. The two sides of an apparel are photographed and visually stitched together with the help of certain effects, determining the shape of the attire.

An optimized website can deliver you a good rank; similarly, good quality images after product photo retouching drive the ecommerce industry. Ghost mannequins enable the attires to retain their shape. However, producing a picture of an invisible mannequin can be difficult, and lack accuracy; ghost mannequin photo editing is in fact even more complicated. This is a major concern and hence steps are to be taken with utmost care.

Here is a simple guide that will enable you to create ghost mannequins using Photoshop.

Step 1: Create different layers

The mannequin and the top-down image have to be opened in Photoshop. A new background layer is created after the mannequin image is selected. The layer has to be filled in white, which will serve as an inclusive background when the final photo is produced. This will also serve as a label to other layers, so that you can differentiate between them and keep them organized.

Step 2: The dress in the mannequin image has to be selected with the help of a selection tool

While selecting the product in mannequin image, you need to choose a suitable selection tool after zooming in. Pick one among lasso, quick selection and magic wand. Based on your preferred Photoshop editing techniques, you can decide the right one for you.

Now you can choose the concerned product in mannequin photo. Then, Zoom in the same and select your preferred selection tool. While shooting, remember to use a white background. It enables you to get rid of the mannequin easily due to the separation of colour between the background and the apparel.

Step 3: Refine your mask and place it

After the product is selected, the mask has to be refined to make it tight and nice. The background and mannequin are eliminated. Use the ‘Refine Edge’ tool present in the ‘Select’ menu for this purpose. In the ‘Refine Edge’ dialog box, click ‘OK’. Now the mask has to be placed over the apparel layer. The product will be seen on the white background, floating freely.

Step 4: Repeat and rinse the older steps

You need to repeat the first three steps on the top-down product image. At first, it may seem a bit odd. You need to photograph the dress inside out as the customers will be able to see the inside-back area of the dress. It will turn out to be attractive in the end. Now you need to create a new layer, create your mask and refine it. This is what most of the companies offering apparel photo editing services also do.

 Step 5: Combine the images

When tight and clean masks are present in both the images, the mask from the top-down image has to be dragged over to the ghost mannequin product image. The layers are to be organized in a manner which enables the top-down image to be placed lower than the mannequin image. The positioning of the top-down layer has to be attuned. Adjust the proportions in the image so that the mannequin layer is perfectly in front of it and the rounded curve in the shoulder region is visible. The alignment between the two photos should be perfectly matched.

Step 6: Unnecessary parts have to be removed from the top-down image

Here, you need to hide the mannequin layer. The unnecessary parts of the top-down layer are to be brushed out. The neckline triangle is not required between the shoulders. There are few of the very important factors of product photo editing. Having eliminated this area, check whether the layers are completely clean and everything is in alignment. This is the final step before saving the image, therefore double check to detect any flaw, in case you have missed it.

Step 7: Save the image after adding shadows

In the final step, you need to add a shadow amid the layer and incorporate a certain amount of depth. Save the photo, and then merge or flatten all the layers together. Save it as a different file once again. It will make the picture appear realistic, elegant and professional.

You can follow these seven steps to create ghost mannequins. These techniques and editing tips are essential for ecommerce sites. You can add simplicity and beauty to your portal through the same.  If you still feel less confident to carry out the photo manipulation yourself, there is always an option of relying on any of the experts offering exceptional ecommerce image editing services. Get the best people to assure that your expectations are met without fail.


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