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The eLearning Chronicle: 12 Tips to Create eLearning Storyboards

This blog provides some invaluable tips on how to create a storyboard for eLearning. Read and explore. Continue reading

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Pay attention to these 10 aspects while eBook and ePub formatting for stellar results

In this write-up, you can have some great ideas regarding how to format an eBook and some important tips regarding the same Continue reading

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Professional proofreading checklist

Before proceeding to publishing digitally or printing a book, proofreading is crucial. This professional proofreading checklist can properly guide. Continue reading

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5 Top XBRL tagging rules

When it comes to inline XBRL filing, there are several rules to be adhered by. Most relevant 5 among them are discussed here. Continue reading

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Photo editing services for eCommerce business

This blog talks about few important product photo editing services a typical image editing company offers for an eCommerce business. Continue reading

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How influential is HTML5 for mobile apps?

This write up details some of prominent HTML5 features and the way they are impacting mobile apps. Continue reading

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Types of virtual reality devices

In this blog, light is shed on some of the different types of virtual reality devices. Explore more to know in detail. Continue reading

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