Professional proofreading checklist – 9 Things you need to check

Even a minute spelling mistake or typo can change the whole meaning of context and that too into the weirdest manner. You may have written carefully and copy edited the content with even extra care. But still, errors may creep in. This is why proofreading is considered inevitable and imperative. Now, what all should you look out for while proofreading?  Underlying is the professional proofreading checklist which can guide you properly.


When it comes to a business copy, staying in line with the default brand tone is very important. And in case if it’s a blog post or social message, the distinct voice of author should be made to reflect; it has to be a bit personalized.

For instance, your company may be having an encouraging and informal friendly tone but one of your writers is adapting corporate tone that is a bit harsh and apathetic. This should be corrected or else that particular blog, comment or post may appear odd.

A major of part of tone issues may have already been fixed in the previous editing processes but still, if anything is found, you should work on it while proofreading mistakes.

Product and persona placing

These type of errors can easily intrude to the proofreading phase. Fixing positions is quite easy. Adding a descriptor on a sentence or selecting another synonym can fix the issue.

Product and persona are the two elements of positioning that needs to be handled. Any mistake in product positioning can misrepresent the offerings of your company.  Using incorrect language in case of a persona can lead to persona positioning mistakes.

With the choice of correct words, such positioning related problems can be solved.

Logical Flow

This is something really crucial. Having an idea is one thing but presenting it is an appealing manner through logically connected sentences and paragraphs is another.

Putting down everything without any logic transitions can repel away readers. There should be proper rational connectivity with what precedes and follows a sentence and also paragraph. The absence of a well-defined outline is the main reason for poor transition.

If there are any inconsistent hops between sentences or paragraphs, you must work on those transitions during the proofreading and editing process.


Grammatical mistakes are the worst thing that can happen to you. It, in fact, questions the very basics of your language proficiency and writing skills. This can happen even to the best copywriters, especially when they work under strenuous situations and tight deadlines.

Proofreading grammar mistakes is a process where being hyper-vigilant is important. Check for each and every line and usage carefully to find and fix grammatical harms done on the copy.

Style guide steadiness

Every company will have the specific style guide. It may seem to be an irrelevant thing when viewed from peripheral aspects but the impact made on prospects is significant. Most companies offering proofreading services are acquainted with this fact.

Capitalizing propositions exceeding the certain number of letters in headings can be a style followed by some companies. Writing a post without considering this can place the copy out from the rest of your blogs.

While proofreading all aspects of style guides must be cross-checked with the copy. Find and do the needed replacements.

Cultural nuances, jargons, and spellings specific to a country

When you are focusing on a global audience, using jargons, spellings and cultural nuances specific to a particular country in your writings can be troublesome. With the web, people from across the globe can access your content and hence country-specific elements should be eliminated. Companies offering prepress services can be of help.

You can add a pinch of localized language if your main targets are locals but it should be comprehensible by others from other countries but from your industry. Check for the country or locality specific elements ad do the needed editing, replacement, and deletions.

Logical images

People are turned on more by images. This holds true especially when they are simply scrolling and having a speed-read. So, the images must have a contextual sense.

While proofreading check if the images are making any sense by itself or do it needs any explanation. If the image is not self-explanatory, remove it and add something that conveys the idea in a clear and appealing manner.

Image and data credits

If you are taken data or images from an external party, give proper credits. Else, you may be inviting trouble. Sometimes, writers forget this in a rush. If you find anything while proofreading, do the needful. Getting legal papers is something you never want to happen.

Spellcheck and Broken links

Last but not the least, spelling must be correct. You may seek the help of an inbuilt spell checking tool or else copy the whole content to a Word document. You can see green and red lines under words that need to be fixed.  Another important aspect to check and fix is the Broken links. All links should direct to where it is supposed to and they should actually work.

By fixing the aforementioned mistakes, it’s pretty sure that you are going to get a great content piece.  If you are looking for an external pair of expert eyes, hire a professional proofreading company to get the best copies ready for publishing.

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5 Top XBRL tagging rules

With the announcement of SEC regarding financial statement voluntary filing, everyone has become too concerned about the same. As filing has become voluntary now, several companies have already started adopting iXBRL tagging. With more companies shifting to eXtensible Business Reporting Language, there are certain tagging rules that need to be well acquainted with.

1. Aligning Value Formats

HTML report for SEC filing is well-defined by the reporting style of each entity and because of it different patterns may be seen for same reporting elements. The variations mentioned can be in regard of writing style, letter case or spellings etc. that are typically regulated while the taxonomy is defined. It is one amongst the common examples are dates where different companies adopt different formats for representing it in HTML report. It is however mandates the representation of dates in ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format.

2.Reversing Value Signage

The document can be subjected to many errors among which incorrect signs to values are a common one. This makes calculations more visually clear. With XBRL taxonomy, calculation layer is separated from presentation layer. This means that the way in which information is captured to present is not the same as the way in which it is captured to calculate. As per the Edgar Filing Manual rule 6.6.30, it is instructed that only in case if the element’s balance type is inconsistent with the actually reported concept, then only a numeric fact’s sign should be inverted.

3.Tagging ‘Invisible’ Data

Sometimes data is not visible on HTML document but still it has to be subjected to XBRL tagging to enable machine’s consumption of data. Many times, HTML documents contain values just for current period. Also there are instances when values are mentioned just once even where they hold factual for both previous and current periods. XBRL sec filing rules may demand both periods’ values to be reported as well as tagged in the document. Also there may be some elements that may not have values appeared on to the HTML face but should be interpreted as per explanatory text. In such scenarios, inline tagging should conform to structured data format.

4.Not tagging what’s visible

During the preparation of inline XBRL tagging and reporting, entire information must be tagged according to the scope as well as tagging level. It should be ensured that no vital information is overlooked and left untagged. It is very important because in case if any piece of data is not recognized with an XBRL tag, information left untagged will not be taken out as XBRL data even if it is visible on HTML report face.

5.Tagging Duplicates Facts

You can find the same data point or information at multiple places in a financial statement. The information may appear in different or same scale. In case of non-numeric details, there is a chance that varied styles are followed and this make them look different which leads to issues during the process of data validation. XBRL software should be capable of handling duplicate facts when transformation to XBRL from inline XBRL is done for validation purposes. XBRL International already has furnished guidelines on handling duplicate information with special attention to duplication in the inline XBRL.

Experts offering XBRL services keep all the above rules in mind. There are several companies exclusively indulged in XBRL conversion services. Seek the best one to ensure that you get the finest quality results.

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Photo editing services for eCommerce business

A lot of businesses relying on online platform hire expert companies offering eCommerce photo editing services. The reason for the same is obvious; they know how relevant quality images are for the success of an eCommerce website.


In the present market dynamics where new e-stores are getting incepted almost every day, staying positively distinguished from the crowd will only help you to conquer the deserved slice of your cake. It is very important to stay innovative and professional in your approaches. You must also assure best experience with your online shop. Being acquainted with some of the best eCommerce image editing tricks can help. This will enhance the appeal of products in your store and increase its chances to win more sales.

Speaking concisely, some of the latest and relevant processes involved are:

  • Rectifying the issues of blurring on zooming
  • Image sharpening for elevating aspects of edges
  • Choosy changing of colours in the images
  • Background changing, removal or replacement
  • HDR enhancement for natural lighting properties
  • Editing of photos taken in iPhone

Click here to read in-detail about facts to be adhered in eCommerce image editing.

Businesses focusing on getting sales via web through online stores worldwide have realized that clear product photos are crucial and hence they are keen about ensuring images of highest achievable quality.

Professional product image editing services that a typical company offers

A wide array of image editing services are offered to embellish the visual appearance of your products. Some of the leading ones are:

  • 360 Degree Product view creation

This editing has huge potential for attracting viewers. The process involves making available the provision to rotate the images in any direction the visitor wants.

  • Retaining Shadow details

Shadows convey signals of originality. Shadow retention is done and in case if shadows are not present they are creatively added by the experts at a photo editing company.

  • Reflection Creation

Refection of the products too avails an appealing look. Companies adept in the process of editing create needed reflections to add authenticity to the product snaps.

  • Background Change

Sometimes removing background can make the image look crystal clear and exceptionally attractive. And at the other time, replacing or adding can create wonders. Background change is one of the most effective professional photography editing techniques of which experts make the best use of.

  • Brightness and Contrast Corrections

Clear view is most of the times hindered by inadequate levels of contrast and brightness. Some product features become completely imperceptible when there is over brightness or contrast. Correcting the issue can significantly enhance the image quality and visibility aspects.

  • Removing unwanted objects:

Unwanted elements sneaking in the snap should be removed as they can be distracting. Viewer’s attention has to be retained on the product and its features. So, you should not let any unwanted elements dominate the image. Cut it out from the photograph.

MAP Systems is the most trusted name when it comes to outsourcing photo editing services to India. The company has helped many businesses to reap unbelievable sales from their online stores. Reach us and let us know if we can help.

For more queries, visit photo editing FAQ page.

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How influential is HTML5 for mobile apps?

The technologies used to develop mobile web apps have recently seen significant changes, thanks to innovations like HTML5. Previously, gamers enjoyed vast and varied games that were primarily developed using the Native apps. However, there are certain unique features that it can deliver to the gaming applications, thereby enhancing the experience of gamers altogether. Before studying the features what html5 for mobile apps power up the games with, have a brief look into the features that the games get from the Native apps.


Advantages and disadvantages of Native apps

The native apps add real-life features to the gaming applications, like geo-location, camera and accelerometer. The gaming applications have full access to the mobile resources like files, contacts and calendar. They are even responsive to gestures and touches. The graphic libraries (2D or 3D) also enhance the gaming experience. Above all, the feel, look and performance are quite refined when they are developed using these applications.

However, you need to know the drawbacks of the Native applications, as compared to features. Developing games through these apps is expensive and has high maintenance cost. Then there are complicated approval processes from the Application Store, followed by routine upgradation hassles. There is no cross-platform support and you need to share revenues with the platform vendors when you use these applications. After all, there is no learning curve.

Features of HTML5

Developers get an upper hand in mobile apps development using html5, as it has quite a few striking features. First of all, the semantics are simplified and easily readable. You need not use plug-ins for video and audio features. They come seamlessly built inside the games. Some of the games based on HTML5 include WebGL, SVG and CSS3. There are other features for advanced performance like easy access to all features of device-level like camera and geo-location. There are some new categories of input, like email, date, URL and so on. These need not be validated by Java Script. The storage mechanism is also upgraded, backed by DB storage and Web storage.

From the above analysis, it is evident that HTML5 is way better than the Native applications. If you need flash to html5 conversion services, you can seek the same from MAP Systems. HTML5 is ideal for animators, gamers, modules app developers for eLearning, CTA and SWF files. You can get in touch with the professionals here and experience the latest technological assistance.

Read more about the main reasons catalysing the drift of eLearning from flash to HTML5

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Types of virtual reality devices

The history of this technology traces back to 1950s. The concept of VR was first sprung in 1950s and in 1960s, a device known as sensorama was developed by a cinematographer from America. This was just the beginning following which a number of creative people and companies started indulging in the expansion of VR technology. Thus a lot of devices were developed later on. Let us see some of the VR systems available these days.

Oculus Rift

Oculus RiftIt is perhaps the most costly device and is designed specifically for video games. It offers high field for view and deliver remarkable virtual experiences. In 2014, Facebook purchased it and hence funding for its enhancements are huge. The immersive virtual reality experience obtained is worth appreciable.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive for virtual reality

HTC  vive VR headset

It is a prominent headset with the controller. Fuelled by the best technology, it is innovative, stylish, sleek and really powerful. Delivering inventive room scale technology as well as the great gaming experience, the technology has grabbed several awards that testify to their seamless capabilities.


Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR headset

Comparatively affordable, you can power it with a smartphone device. The best working condition is offered with Samsung phones like S7, S7 edge, S6 Edge and Galaxy S6. There are several VR companies in Bangalore that make available such devices.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google cardboard VR headset

The VR headset is a really cheaper option to choose. Simplicity and user-friendliness are the key benefits.  Just get one, connect to your phone and start exploring the new world of VR. This is recommended by almost all companies professionally offering virtual reality services.


Treadmills and Haptic Gloves

It’s not just about the headsets. There are a wide variety of other devices by which you can experience VR to its best. In fact, most of them may even provide a better experience. The treadmill is a more suitable choice if there is a lot of space. Users can walk, run and even jump to explore the simulated world created. Another important sense, touch can be mimicked with haptic gloves.

Though there are countless benefits of using virtual reality technology, thus many companies provide excellent services. With extensive experience and multifarious expertise in the domain, MAP Systems is a company to which you can entrust your requirements confidently. Contact to know more.

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Tips to assure great quality 3d visualization services

These days, all businesses leverage the provisions of technology and real estate business too does the same. A prospect’s first introduction must be attractive and it should create a positive impression. This is where the importance of 3d visualization gets illuminated.  So, it should exhibit excellence.

3D Visualizations

3D Visualization tips

Let us see how great quality visualization can be obtained.

Workshop scheduling and coordinator assigning

A three-dimensional visualization project ideally encompasses a collaboration of architects, developers, leading sales agents, marketing agents and many others. Companies indulged in the process usually conduct a work initially to acquaint all the members of the project with needed details. After this, a coordinator for the project is assigned who is meant to serve as the contact point between the company and client.

Choosing the correct angle and focusing on features

The camera angle selected is one of the most vital components to ensure good rendering. It has to be assured that the angle does absolute justice to the areas selected for the related development. Enough time should be invested in studying each floor plan while considering the layout, views as well as natural light’s presence. Try to choose the layout which holds the potential for maximizing space when the focus is also on highly impressive finishes and fixtures.

Interiors and styling

Even if you select the best camera angle, no great results can be obtained if the styling for complementing interiors and enhancing space is not done properly. Furniture selection job should be entrusted upon professionals and interior designer can help to make sure of right pieces. A typical architectural 3d visualization and rendering company have professionals skilled in all these with them. In fact, it is mandatory.

Do it right-hiding and highlighting

When it comes to deciding the best development aspect for rendering, you should focus on the brand strategy of the project and its USPs without fail. In case if there is an attractive amenities list, show them perfectly. Else if some of the areas look weird, leave them. Normally bedroom, living space, lobby, kitchen etc. are selected but the render list can fluctuate based on the budget and size of each development.

Stay realistic-it really helps

Take time for creating a three-dimensional visualization, if you really know why 3d visualization is important. A minimum of three weeks should be allocated for the process. The initial briefing should be detailed. Approach things realistically and there is no harm in seeking the assistance of outside professionals. For interior arrangement, furniture selection etc., expert help is inevitable. Doing it right is significant for overall impact created.

3d visualization services by MAP Systems have always stayed among the most preferred by real estate dealers worldwide. We have served not only to the requirements related to real estate; the beneficiaries of services include almost all those sectors where three-dimensional visualization has roles to play. For further details, you may reach us directly.


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Tips for responsive website design

It is a mere misconception if you believe that responsive website is about forcing all your website content onto the smaller screens. Don’t simply tighten your present site but redesign it to fit on a mobile screen. There are some responsive web design tips that you must be aware of better results.

web design.jpg

Responsive website design

Understanding the concept of responsiveness

The very first step to be initiated is understanding the objectives of responsive design. Creating a seamless experience for a wide plethora of devices demands you to take care of many aspects. Easy reading, simple navigation, responsiveness according to user behaviour etc. are just a few to mention.  Understand what your priorities are and make sure the user sees what you feel will be relevant to them. This is mandatory for best responsive websites.

Make use of adaptive images

Website images are very important and this fact must be considered with importance. Your customer must see the product image without any hindrance. Once scalability for using in mobile is achieved, adjusting images should be the next focus for you. Image management techniques is one of the basics of responsive web design that you must adopt. It must be assured that the images you use are of high resolution.

Exploit the features of mobile to the core

Getting an excellent layout to suit mobile is never the end. Utilize entire things that a mobile device is capable of doing. Use responsive web design techniques that can efficiently catalyse your business growth. When someone taps on your mobile, a phone call should be initiated, Make use of auto-fill features, image recognition, user’s location and barcode scanning.  Fluid layouts are recommended because you don’t actually know which device your customer is going to use. So, the design should automatically realign its elements to work smoothly on the concerned platform.

Go creative- you will come up with something exceptional

Though there are countless tips for responsive web design, thinking out of the box can bestow you with benefits that nothing else would. It is your sense of stylishness that can attract and keep users navigate. So, never hesitate to do things innovatively.  There can be many pitfalls but it will be a great learning experience when our redesign your website next time. To be creative, it is not important that you should know even the minutest of entire technical aspects of website design. Experiment things and you will definitely get the results. Ultimately what you want is the satisfaction of user. Giving something monotonous, what they see in every website will not create any impression in them and go beyond and avail an experience that they will enjoy and remember.

No matter how much effective a responsive web design strategy is, it will initially appear restrictive only. The reason is that you will have to consider too many things when you work on the old design. But after you comprehend the basics, you actually get wider vistas to try-out innovative things. Also you can read some of the importance of responsive web design for business.

MAP Systems is famed for offering remarkable class of professional web design and development services. They have crafted appealing and functional websites for varied industries with great professionalism. In addition to normal website design, they carry out website redesign as well as responsive website development. Creative designers, brainy coders and experienced copywriters work together to deliver you the ultimate product which you can simply go ahead and launch. The company designs, codes and writes. So, everything you get under a single roof. To know more details, contact the company’s customer support team today itself.


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