Tips for jewelry photo editing that will help you to expand your online market

Paradigms of marketing are shifting towards the digital platform. And when it comes to selling products online, quality images play a dominant role. This means that images should not be raw and should be edited properly before being used. The importance of photo editing increases manifold when you deal with jewelry. As these are extremely costly, customers don’t instantly buy them. They firstly scrutinize the images to evaluate their features. So, it is quite evident that immensely appealing photo should be used.

Jewelry photo editing and retouching

Jewelry photo editing

Experts working in professional photo editing companies upgrade the looks of photos and increase their attractiveness. It creates the initial first impression and compels the viewers to have a detailed look at the product. Evidently, it strengthens the marketing process of the products. Here, you will come across some vital jewelry photo editing tips for online market that will make the images more attractive.

Incorporate clipping path mechanism to remove background

People love to view clear and neat images of jewelry. You should keep the images as tidy as possible. Eliminate the background of the images through clipping path service for jewelry background removal. The professional editors know the right procedure to enhance the presentation of these images. The background diverts the attention of the viewers to unwanted areas in the image. When you eliminate it completely, the online buyers see only the product that you are willing to sell. Thus, no other element distracts their attention and the product appears more prominently before them.

As per experts offering photo clipping path services, a mask has to be created, which will make the necessary areas appear white and blacken out the other areas. Insert a white fill paper under it and check if all the necessary parts of the jewelry have been selected. Use the ‘Feather’ tool to soften the edges of the selected area. Choose ‘Inverse’ to keep the picture protected and then click on ‘clone to stamp’. This will enable you to cover the background with white or black colour.

Retouch jewelry to eliminate blemishes, dust and spots

Retouching removes the unnecessary spots and blemishes from the photo. Before you upload the picture on your website, make sure that these flaws are eliminated completely without any traces left behind. Unnecessary spots in the images repel away customers which you never want to happen. Photoshop offers various features to get rid of these spots. Experts in the domain know the right jewelry photography retouching techniques using photoshop to eliminate these superfluous marks.

Firstly, you should capture the image in a well-lighted area, where the flash of the camera can be adjusted. During the editing process, professional editors remove the scratches from ornaments. This is done by choosing the ‘Filter’ option in Photoshop and then going to ‘Noise’, and then choosing ‘Dust and Scratches’.

Besides making the photographs attractive, editing will make them shinier when you upload them in your portal.

Use colour correction tools to fix colour defects

Often, images fail to show the colour of the real photos. This weakens the impression about ornaments in the minds of the buyers. You should be able to showcase the intricate details of the metals and gems through proper photography; this is what mavens offering product photo retouching services are specialized in. Colour correction enables you to convey the right visual details of the products to the buyers. It is necessary to adjust the brightness, saturation, hue, contrast and other colour features of the image. Customers will find the product more attractive when you incorporate the desired changes in it. The professional photo editors infuse the jewelry images with the right appeal, which captivates the buyers. Remember, competition in the digital market is on the rise, so you should leverage the potential of images to the maximum possible extent. The experts process the photos in Photoshop Light-Room to create the desired effect. They typically start the jewelry retouching process with colour balance and then adjust other elements like contrast, exposure, brightness and so on. They also sharpen the image to enhance its looks. The fuzzy edges are fixed and the overall appearance of the ornament is refined through editing. The experts also make the desired changes through filters.

Optimize the images

Optimizing the image is necessary to make it compatible with your website. The size of the image matters a lot when you consider the performance of your website. Evidently, you need to lower the image size in certain cases. However, keep an eye on the quality of the image. Small file size does not indicate poor quality image. The experts make the right choice of software which helps to optimize the photo for the website and enhance its performance through proper jewelry photography retouching and editing. Heavy images use more space for storage in the server and when you use lighter images, the website gets better ranks in the search engine results.

These above-mentioned jewelry photo retouching tips will help you to make the images palatable. Hire a professional photo editor acquainted with all jewelry image editing techniques to bolster your images. Well-edited photos can definitely leverage your jewelry business amid all adversities.


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