Common photo editing mistakes to avoid

No matter how experienced a company indulged in image editing is, there are some common photo editing mistakes that involuntarily intrude. The underlying mistakes should be avoided by all possible means.

Avoid photo editing mistakes

Never skip the basics

Making some quick adjustments like altering exposures and alignment or doing a certain level of cropping with the help of photoshop photo retouching tools can benefit most of the images. These are the fundamental things that you must not overlook.

Don’t overdo things

People know your tone and how you look. The same applies in case of subjects in the photos. So, never do extensive editing to make the image look artificial or like a painting. The most crucial parts to take care of are the teeth and skin. Don’t overuse Wrinkle Remover and Airbrush. You may whiten the teeth but don’t go to such an extent that they look like plastic or glass. Sometimes fixing the dull colors and make them obtain a perfect balance is one of the image enhancement techniques.

Consider cropping carefully

Simply cropping may not be that helpful and this is never one of the photo editing best practices. Analyse the photos carefully and decide the right parts to crop out. The results can be great and beyond your level of expectations. Cropping is the basic thing but doing it wrong can ruin the whole effort.

Add shadows rightly

Some shadows are spooky and nobody, in fact, entertains that. It is a fact that adding shadows give a feel of originality in the image. But adding too much of it make the image unpleasing and look fake. Slightly less but decently enough is the best way to edit photos.

Resize as per need

Before starting to work most of the image editing companies inquires about the exact requirement of an image. When the dimensions of an image are large, downloading takes more time and website loading speed increases. So, it should be optimized accordingly. If the image is for print media, editing should never be done in such a way that the size is reduced.

Do sharpening warily

Photos can be elevated to a higher quality if sharpening is done in an optimal manner. It is never a focus tool and the actual purpose is line defining. It can get you better results if you use sharpening option at last and when the zoom is set at 100%.

Play wisely with fonts

Fonts can enhance or damage your images. Too many fonts can bring an unpleasant feel. Make sure that you use a maximum of two or three fonts. Adding different weights, sizes and colors can help you bestow the needed diversity. Also the text color should not hurt the eyes; stay away from using bright colors. Also, we recommend using color picker tools to choose the best combination of color for photographs as required.

Don’t use huge watermarks

Huge watermarks are a torture to the viewer and a crime to your photos. If it is going to distract the reader and repel him away, there is no point in adding watermarks. Make the watermark noticeable but not intolerable.

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